The day I started living from my heart everything changed. I wish everyone to take decisions, feel your way and live with passion and love. Painting ‘Perfect timing’ 140/120 cm

When you get use to looking at circumstances in a non judging way, switching your thoughts to what feels good, to the opportunities and not taking it ever personally than your environment will turn more and more to be pleasing and exciting.
Excited to see my painting hanging in its new home. UK️ ️
Painting “It never stops to surprise me”, 180/125 cm

Everyone is living their own life and their own dreams. No one else really understands who you are and what brought you to this place. Dreams need to grow safely in a nourishing and supportive environment and in most cases it is inside of you.
Happy to present a new piece – “Don’t let anyone steal your dreams” – 160/120 cm.

As a child and during most of my adult life I was led to believe that for successful results I need to push through and never take no as an answer. The thing that I understood eventually is that if it feels like a struggle then it is better to let go. When I released the issue or the how and focused just on what I desire then the last was realized at the right time in its own smooth and easy path. “The Releasing”, 180/120 cm, Sold to a Belgium collector at GaleriePatries van Dorst, The Netherlands

I was very excited when I received the opportunity to paint beautiful Mia’s portrait. I felt her power and her serenity and most of all her smiling eyes. So this piece is for you Mia. I hope I captured your vivid essence. With ❤️
Mia, 120/200 cm

I always work on some pieces at the same time. This way I get to change perspective when I move away and come back again. As in life sometimes we need to get away from something, physically or in our thoughts, to see things in a clearer way. I adopted the words “Blue glass” to remind me to look always for things to appreciate.
Detail from “Blue Glass”, 180/120 cm. Now showing at galerie Patries van dorst

It seems to hold so much power on our soul. It sneaks into our thoughts, our believes, creates our fears. It keeps us stuck. I am practicing letting go and releasing the past. Letting my dreams and pure positive and believable observation take charge. Final touches on this new creation. I will call her “the past has no power”, 140/120 cm. Live now

The incarnations of a painting. This painting of Tel-Aviv was painted 2 years ago in the middle of terror attacks on Israel. I chose to show the happy and joyful city in spite of what was happening around. The painting was sold in the beginning of this year in Germany. It is a powerful memory for me.

After some traveling she is now hanging safely and secure in her new home in Denmark.
My painting “It is time”, 160/110 cm

On Its way to Russia…
My painting – Powerful knowing – 160/110 cm

Sometimes I forget. So I keep reminding myself that if I am tuning my feelings each day to joy and happiness this is what I will mostly observe. I have the privilege of meeting and connecting with amazing and inspiring people from all around the world through my paintings. Thank you!
Excited to present here new portrait painting – “I am always reaching for more” – 160/110 cm

Art Laren, the Netherlands, June 9-11, 2017

Art Laren, The Netherlands, June 9-11, 2017, Booth 21
Galerie Patries van Dorst will show selected works from my latest exhibition

Solo exhibition in Europe, Wassenaar, The Netherlands – Opening event – May 21'st 2017

May 21-'st to July 21'st 2017. Solo exhibition in Europe,
Gallerie Ptries Van Dorst, Wassenaar, The Netherlands

May 21-st to July 31 2017. Solo exhibition in Europe,
Gallerie Ptries Van Dorst, Wassenaar, The Netherlands

“It’s the way you say my name” – 125/200 cm – in its new home 🌟🌟

One of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of my work is the warm connection that is created with people from around the globe. This time I had the privilege to paint this painting for a charming family from Switzerland and participate virtually in a happy moment in their lives. I thank every day for these opportunities and for my art. 💝
In the photo the painting and the muse

At the end of “Pretty Woman” one says: "Welcome to Hollywood! What’s your dream?…". I have always remembered it and I was always a dreamer. Thank you Deborah for choosing me and my art as a model for your inspiring book and big thank you to those who choose to be inspired by my art. 💖

26 – 27 February 2017 – Salons Hoche Paris. Christie’s auction for the benefit of Adetec-heart, . Participation the auction with this piece “Tel-Aviv beach”, 135/180 cm